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Lights too bright? Adjusting your lightings now becoming easier from your mobile and Google’s Voice Assistant with Azura Technology

Who is it for?

Dimmers are essential in creating suitable mood for your family's vibe. Design for ease in installation and application in various scenarios.

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Smart dimmer switches from Azura

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Creates your own mood

Home is the place for your family members to spend time with one another and do wide range of activities together that require different styles of ambience. When you watching movies, lights can be dimmed to create a cinematic mood and make your movie experience never been better. 

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best dimming experience ever

The dimmer can be controlled via Azura App and adjusting luminosity level as you wish

Intelligent light source detects

Azura’s unique algorithm of light dimmer capable of recognizing the source of light and calibrates it choosing an adequate value. Thus the device only use just enough light you need within an optimal energy usage.

Fall in love with our features

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High level of durability

Tempered glass is dirt proof which is easy to maintain, and doesn't fade throughout long period of device's usages

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Google's Assistant voice controls

Manage multiple dimmers in your home using voice command from Google Assistant

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Amazingly responsive

Responds instantly toward commands using 2.4GHz wifi connection which is more stable compares to other bandwidths

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More colour to choose from

In order to enhance the architectural designs of your living space, Azura design 2 different colours for users to choose from

Change the way you dim

Azura dimmer makes your home ambience never been so easy

About us

Azura is an Australian based smart home company with the ages of experience in providing smart home solution and international operation from around the world.

Our mission

Create, innovate and serve our customers at our highest capability.

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