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Bring the best surveillance devices for your home with the smart planning and effective tracking and detections of movement. The technology will perfect your home automation with a flick

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Azura cameras are the 2 way audio surveillance technology which help your family members keep track on each other easily. Facilitating the communications and protection for your families with high resolution and water-resistance devices that can install indoor and outdoor

Azura cameras

Great indoor and outdoor applications

A camera with IP 66 can be installed indoors and outdoors. The product is designed to withstand the toughest tests to adapt to different environments.

Powerful image quality

It delivers sharp, vivid images with Full HD quality plus night mode to help you easily see the smallest details in low light conditions as well as at night.

2-Way audio communication

Besides watching what is happening in real time, PTZ also allows you to chat with other family members through a mobile interface.

optimization made easy

motion detect and night vision

360° Pan/tilt rotate

2 way audio via Azura app

record uses sd card/dvr

Frequently asked questions

The only disadvantage that all the wireless cameras are if you are viewing the real-time displays of the device, it requires all-time internet. However, at the present the wifi and 3G, $G is popular and this disadvantage is no longer a considerable risk factor.

If you are still considering whether installing smart cameras or not then these following reasons will help you with the decisions:

  • Monitor your home automatically – smart cameras from Azura can help you keep track with every corner of the house and offices through the wide-lenses of view. Therein it has horizontal view at 360 degree and 90 degree for vertical view. Ensure all your home corners are secured and protected
  • Automatically notify if there are intrusions – Smart wireless cameras can auto-detect the intruders volunteerily and send notification message to the homeowners, you can open the managing Azura APP to watch your home condition and prevent immediately toward the unexpected elements surrounding your living space.
  • High resolution – Equipped with the high sensitivity sensors of Sony from 1-2 Mega Pixel and supports clear image saturations at Full HD quality. This helps you monitor any hidden corners of your home at the optimized quality.
  • Night vision ability – the infrared light sensor will ensure that your home are protected at night. The night vision ability can enhance the viewing capability of the user up to 9m length. Guarantee to not leaving any unidentified movements at night.
  • 2 Way communication – Azura cameras also equipped with speaker and micro SD card which can help the user to communicate with the family members in real-time.
  • Support wire and wireless usage – Differed than most of wirelesss cameras on the market. Smart cameras from Azura can support 2 types of connection which is wireless and wired connection to makes sure that the internet signal is stable and recorded data is secured when there’s pop-up issues related to Internet.
  • Moist and dust prevention – With the outdoor cameras, Azura has integrated the water and dust-resistance capability to protect the device perfectly toward the harsh conditions in Australia.
  • Support record via Micro SD card or DVR – this is the most unique feature of Azura cameras that rarely cameras in the market can satisfy since most of them support only 1 of 2 capabilities. Azura cameras can save the real-time records via mirco SD card up to 64GB or you can save your files into the DVR which can stored up to 4TB and last for a long duration.

Yes, Azura App interface is user-friendly which is professionally created to be easily used by any age users

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Azura is an Australian based company with the ages of experience in smart home solution and international operation from around the world.

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