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Bring the best sensor devices to your home with the smart planning and effective detections of movement. The technology will perfect your home automation with a flick

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This is the technology that makes every angles of your home automated. While you are not hosting your nest. The devices from Azura will ensure it is protected with the detections from infrared sensors.

our main products


Alex alarm kit

@Azura technology

Alex kit is a set of wireless security devices applying modern anti-theft technology. Supports homeowners to effectively deal with the situation. Theft, ensuring absolute safety for property and life of your members against dangerous attacks of crooks.


Door sensor

@Azura technology

Using a reliable and stable semi -conductor sensor to protect your home from strangers’ threats poses a risk of unsafe for your home. The sensor with wifi connection will report to you when someone closes or opens the door no matter where you are.


Gas detector

@Azura technology

Wifi Gas Leakage Detector is an intelligent fire detector gas detector that works independently. With sound alarm function and wifi connects, send notification via the control app. When the gas detector is activated, it will alarm with an internal siren. 

What Azura can do for you and your family..

Scan for movements

Azura know about your home security issues. We also know the only way you truly protect your home is by integrating smart home devices for your family living space. Azura security solution that triggers challenges and problems that you and your family having.

Prevent gas leakage risks

In addition to secure your family members from the exposure of smoke and other harmful causes of gas leakage. Azura created distinctive useful devices with the goal of noticing home owners to prevent potential risks

Identify water leakages

Water leakages in your home can cause damages to the furnitures, leaving dangerous factors such as electrifications, and moreover risks of costly water bills. Azura flood sensor can help you manage the risks by alarming the homeowner and alerts you via app.

Fall in love with our features

Build for different scenarios

Capable of combining sensor devices and Azura valve to tackle issues related to water system. Resolve problems without active interferes of homeowners

Take full control on leakages

Manage multiple leakages in your home via Azura App and close valve there's water or gas leaks within your home.

Expandable surveillance system

Control up to 20 PIR , door, doorbell sensor devices and 5 remote controllers per security gateway. This allow homeowners to expand security areas within seconds.

Emergency situation

The Siren can triggers up to 120db sound which can notify neighbors or send messages to your smartphone and notice family members the emergency situations

About us

Azura is an Australian based smart home solution company with the ages of experience in smart home solution and international operation from around the world.

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Create, innovate and serve our customers at our highest capability.

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