Azura Smart Locks

Smart lock from Azura

Manage your home 24/7 wherever you are. Protection covers not only your belongings but also your family members will be kept safe with the Azura smart home technology.

Who like this?

Have you ever forgot or lost your keys? The traditional locks have caused many troubles over the years. Azura learned the customer obstacles and we renovate the old locks with the new smart technology which make your home security becoming easier.

Design Your lock uniquely

Get complete control over your home in just one time installation.
Go from traditional to smarter lock in instant.

"What I found convincing when using Azura technologies are the modern and elegant design of the product."
Frank Dominic

Experience design at scale

The smart lock is designed to fit with your family’s door and along with the aluminum alloy shells will protect your privacy at all times.

Understand your user experience

The interface of Azura app is user-friendly, easy to interact and communicate with your device via 5-ways.

90º Rotation reverse locking system

Bedrooms, main entrances, homestay rentals, etc. Azura lock features the “One-button lock” your private space, prevent unexpected disturbs in all situations.

Fall in love with our features

Large capacity of users

Capable of registering up to 100 users which is suitable for homestay services and 3 administrator to take full control of the house

Remotely manage your rooms

Manage multiple locks in your home via Azura APP either if there's intruders or the door haven't shut properly.

Amazingly responsive

Different ways for homeowners to access rooms from finger-print, NFC keys, password, manual keys, and APP.

Prepare for every situation

In situation when the batteries of the lock running LOW, the homeowners can inject the power bank via Micro USB line through Emergency Power Port.

Change the way you lock

Azura smart lock makes your home security never been easier

About us

Azura is an Australian based smart home company with the ages of experience in providing smart home solution and international operation from around the world.

Our mission

Create, innovate and serve our customers at our highest capability.

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