Azura Universal Remote Hub

Universal Remote Hub

Enjoy your smart entertainment space with the support of universal remote hub control. Now you just need to lay back and enjoy your favorite Netflix show.

Who need this?

Family time is special and Azura is here to keep that memorable moments for your family. The AC and other remote controlled devices now can be monitored easily with Azura Universal Hub


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bulky connections

Azura universal hub can connect wide-range variety of electronics, and the system allow connects up to 27 different devices in your current home.

chocopie-inspired sketch

The small architectural design is inspired from the daily favourite bakery of children, give it aesthetic looks and friendly to Azura users.

Strong and different

The AUS-RH2000 improved its engineering by packing up with more technology acceptances to both new and old RF frequencies ranging from 300MHz to 868MHz.

camera shooting makes easy

The universal hub was not only used to control TV, but also in professional photography-movie industry by replacing classic IR remote in shooting.


Change the way you entertain

Azura Universal Remote Hub makes your home entertainment never been easier.

About us

Azura is an Australian based smart home company with the ages of experience in providing smart home solution and international operation from around the world.

Our mission

Create, innovate and serve our customers at our highest capability.

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