Smart Azura light switch

  • Wifi Azura electric switch – Australia
  • Turn on/ off the light with Wifi or 3G on a smartphone
  • Turn it on/ off anytime
  • Easy installation is only 2 easy steps
  • Use with Android and IOS App
  • Tempered glass
  • Fireproof plastic materials
  • Genuine 2-year guarantee
  • Use for all indoor lights
  • Replace old switches without cause extras (see details)


IoT is an emerging technology that is making our world smarter. The idea of a connected world cannot be imagined without IoT. An IoT based Smart Home is one such example. In IoT enabled Smart Home environment various things such as lighting, home appliances, computers, security camera, etc. All are connected to the Internet and allowing the user to monitor and control things regardless of time and location constraints. This paper describes the Frugal Labs IoT Platform (FLIP) for building IoT enabled Smart Home.

This paper discusses the functions of Smart Home and its applications and introduces FLIP architecture with the implementation of Smart Home services using FLIP through a proposed system. The proposed system presented in this paper is used for monitoring and controlling the Smart Home environment. Keywords – IoT platform architecture; smart home; machine to machine communication


1Material:Import PC/Tin phosphorous bronze/Glass
4Operating voltage:AC 100-250V (50/60Hz)
5Service life:100,000 times
6Allowable temperature:-20-50oC
7Wifi:Wi-fi 2.4Hz
8App (Android & IOS):AZURA
9Combination:Amazon Alexa/Google Home/Ifttt
10Wiring:Neutral Line and Live Line install (single-phase)
11Operating System:IOS/Android 4.1+
14Function:Turn on/ off

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